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But in the worst case scenario, you'll pay 97% less than what you're currently paying.

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360 performance reviews
GPT 4 powered objectives
Performance tracking
Inter-quarter note storage
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Why is this software free?
We want to help companies go from good to great. An important part of that is process  to help every person at the company continuously improve.

Performance reviews are a vital part of that. Good managers should have regular meetings with their reports to celebrate what went well and provide feedback on what could be improved.

Moreover, feedback is valuable wherever it comes from, whether it's from your boss, your peers, or your reports.

The available tools are full of features that aren't useful, overcomplex and expensive for the cost of providing them.

What's worse, these tools encourage processes that turn performance reviews into a box-ticking chore.

Summitry allows you to conduct productive performance reviews with minimal effort. It allows you to follow this performance over time.

Our parent company, Berg Group, helps companies find the right senior executives that will take them from good to great.

Performance reviews empower the existing employees.
How can a small team make enterprise level software?
Your grandparents wanted their direct reports to be better and so do you.  

Technology has changed but the outcome hasn't.

This is 2023.

Technology has advanced so much that core functionality is easy to build. With GPT4, it practically builds itself!

Of course, you can't build a unicorn with only core functionality, you need a big problem to solve, and an equally big solution along with a big team to tell everyone about it.

We don't want any of that, we just want to make a perfect performance review tool, with as few features as possible.
Who can you review?
We believe that great performance review is 360 in nature.

You should be able to give short, valuable feedback to your reports, to your peers and to your boss.We keep upwards reviews totally anonymous because honest feedback is the only feedback that matters.

Start reviewing your team now